machine coding

A - Fixed Advancement

The cranked dipper arm, brings the cutting head in line with the operator. This improves the visibility of the fly head and reduces the need for the operator to look over his shoulder, allowing more attention to be given to what is happening in the front of the tractor.


Enables the operator to adjust the position of the cutting head to improve visibility. When verge mowing the arm can be pushed forward so the cutting attachment can be seen through the tractor door. When hedge cutting the attachment can be positioned in-line with the operator for improved visibility.All thanks by of the Advanced Parallelogram System (APS).


The ARC system allows the operator to bypass obstacles such as vines, hedges and any constraint which does not allow the passage of the Flail Hedger Mower along the scything area. The first curved arm (ARC) and raised, allowing extreme compactness, stability and ample free space under the arms.


Machine with side shift

Parallelogram system

The parallelogram system enables the operator to adjust the reach of the machines arms, without the need to continuously adjust the ‘lift’ service in order to compensate for the change in head pivot height - as would be the case with conventional arm geometry. This arm geometry enables the cutting attachment to cut tight to the tractor at any height within the cutting range, ideal for cutting hedges at all heights in narrow lanes and other situations where space is at a premium. The high positioning of the first arm also gives excellent over fence clearance and down bank reach.

SI System

The system to sustenance Electro-proportional (SI System) provides a speed control scything grass more higher, increasing the efficiency and safety of the Flail Hedger Mower. The cutting head floats on the ground automatically, allowing greater cutting speed in relation to the position of the cutting head from the tractor. SI System ensures a precise and responsive flotation of the cutting head, increasing the speed and efficiency of use, reducing operator fatigue.

Telescopic Arm

The Telescopic dipper arms increase the extension of second arm (dependent on model). This results in a machine that has compact arm geometry for close-in cutting plus also has the reach abilities when needed. For SEMIPROFESSIONAL and PROFESSIONAL range, the telescopic arm is STRENX made.

TPS SYSTEM (Telescopic Pipes System)

Telescopic hydraulic piping system. The TPS system (Telescopic Pipes System) is made with the use of steel pipes that remain adherent to the main arm of the machine. It allows the operator to work in peace without the risk of the pipes getting stuck in brambles or branches during the passage.

M- Modulable Arm

First arm with modular geometry for greater versatility when working. It guarantees the crossing of the vine at considerable heights and greater compactness in road transport.

Telaio a triangolo

Frame with triangle geometry for greater resistance to vertical and horizontal stresses during work. Less welds on the frame which guarantee less mechanical stress. Central arm attachment for greater stability in work.


Additional structure for fixing the Mover to the tractor axis. Together with the stabilizers and the third point support it ensures a safe and stable attachment of the machine to the tractor. It also allows it to be attached and detached quickly via quick release.

X - Central Rotation

The rotation back of the arms upwards and enables to rotate from 90° to 110° (in relations of the machines type) backwards from working position. The rotation back not only enables the arms to fold in to a compact transport position, it also gives the operator the ability to cut behind them, ideal for cutting out corners in hedge rows.

Joystick MJ / BJ e VSC

MJ - Single lever and compact console. Reactive joystick that is not only functional but also provides further axis control of the brushcutter through lever rotation and the upper buttons.
BJ - Single ergonomic lever that makes the best use of the proportional 3 axis electronic control. The upper part of the joystick is equipped with a “ROLLER” (for the 3rd proportional axis) and simple buttons for further machine movements.
VSC - The screen on the front of the joystick allows instantaneous checking of the brushcutter movements and its most important data.


Electric ON/OFF allows complete electrical control of the brushcutter using the Joystick on the console, allowing quick machine movements that can also be hydraulically regulated. Including thermostat for the heat exchanger and automatic start of the fan.


Moving with “Load Sensing” compensated proportional electric distributor. The characteristic of this system is that it maintains a constant oil flow in every section, independently of chang- es of the load, and allows more than one movement simultaneously and independently of each other, without interference. Including thermostat for the heat exchanger and automatic start of the fan.

Hot-rolled high-strength steel with excellent mechanical properties. Ideal for cutting, bending and welding with any method.
Structural steel with a minimum yield of 650-700 MPa, made with low carbon levels and free of polluting elements.
Wear-resistant steel with a nominal hardness of 450 HBW. It offers better and longer abrasion resistance.
Our Boom Mowers have the main arm pivot mounted on the centre line of the tractor


Second Fixed Advanced Arm


Advanced Parallelogram System


Machine with the ability to cut over obstacles


Machine equipped with electric controls


Proportional Load Sensing electric control EPG


Proportional Load Sensing electric control EPP


Reinforced brushcutter

Kit pompe Magnum

Pumps high performance


Modulable arm


Machine with side shift

Parallelogram System

Ideal machine for cutting close to the tractor in confined areas


Parallelogram linkage on 1st arm


Higher Horse Power Hydraulic System

S.I System

Electro-hydraulic float for the main arm


Mechanical safety with spring


Telescopic Second Arm


Telescopic First and Second Arm


Telescopic hydraulic piping system


Central rotation of the arms