Rear roller

As standard on all flailheads the rear roller can be manually adjusted to suit different applications. When verge mowing the roller can be adjusted to change the cutting height. When hedge cutting it can be set higher to avoid coming in to contact with the hedge.

Rear roller - EVO Rotors

Rear roller with double taper roller bearings, removable and resistant to axial forces. The rounded end of the roller ensures extreme resistance to contact with the kerbside, and with an outside diameter of 140mm roller becomes very sensitive to changes in the underlying soil.

Center of gravity - EVO Rotors

The axis of the plug coupling between rotor and 2nd arm of the brushcutter, is perfectly in line with the center of gravity of the rotor. This allows optimum control of the cutting head, an axial thrust is free of any kind of tensions with consequent reduction of load on pins and needles.

Belts Transmission - EVO Rotors

The rotation of the rotor is guaranteed through 3 timing belts on 2 pulleys. This type of transmission, it guarantees shock absorption and the reduction in overall dimensions rotor. For the piston system, the transmission takes place with a POLY-V belt with grooves with dedicated pulleys

EVO plate attachment - EVO Rotors

For models M430X, the EVO cutting head with upper or rear attachment plate can be requested without a difference in price.